We forgot to mention that our Sophomore record “Songs For Other People” landed in Magnet Magazines Best of 2011 “Hidden Treasures” list. Even though it was actually released in 2010, a distribution snafu made it so the record was actually rereleased in 2011. With that said, we’re honored to have made the list with Shaking Through sister band, Creepoid. Check out what all the bands on the list have to offer!

We couldn’t be happier with the way our Shaking Through episode turned out. They guys at Weathervane and WXPN should be proud of what they’re doing. We came back feeling oh so loved and have continued to feel that way. Nice to have other creative people so excited to share our light. If you missed it, check it out here. They have a new website and went way beyond their normal process to add tons of extra footage of us.

Please share copiously.

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Finally, we’re three songs in recording a new album. Hopes are to have it wrapped up by Summer and released in Fall. Stay tuned for more on our new recording adventures!I’m super blessed/amazed/fortunate/ to have the likes of Brian Haran, Jim Bob Aiken, Chris Girard, and Nick Jaegger as a part of my band. Cheers.